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How to Fight the Water Crisis

https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2021-08-04/california-drought-water-restrictions-how-bad-is-it With water curtailment and regulation sure to increase over the foreseeable future, storage solutions could be the key to California’s agricultural sector moving forward. Subsurface tile systems allow a land owner to collect loose, percolating water and store it for later use. Considering the amount of precipitation California receives during El Nino seasons, and the fact that these systems […]

Should We Flood the Desert?

Should we flood the desert? Ambitious is a good word to describe the plan discussed in this article.  Our future is going to depend on boundary pushing action, so I most definitely welcome the inventiveness.  Please consider the scenario and opportunities.  We see ways in which this strategy, approach, technology, and utility can bring about great value on smaller scales, […]