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California Tightens Water Surveillance Via Technology

https://www.npr.org/2021/10/18/1037371060/satellites-reveal-the-secrets-of-water-guzzling-farms-in-california As California begins to adopt advanced analytic techniques to surveil their farmers’ water useage, we offer alternative techniques to cut down on the amount of aquifer (well) water needed to successfully grow a crop. Drain tile in conjunction with storage solutions offer an outside-the-box opportunity to save on production costs, improve yield and conserve water during this difficult era […]

Compounding Issues Surrounding the Salton Sea

There are several water related issues plaguing Imperial county, the area encapsulating the Salton Sea. First, the Salton Sea does not have a natural source to maintain its shoreline levels. This will likely take a massive canal project to link the Sea of Cortez to the Salton Sea, which sits around 232 feet below sea level. Doing so will ensure […]

Drain Tile in the West

Consider that conservation can simply mean that land is left undisturbed as habitat, which meets some environmental goals — but, people need to eat. Once the decision is made to farm a tract of land, farming it with efficiency results in fewer acres required for crop production and more acres available for other uses, including habitat. The technology available today […]